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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  October 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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evening. i'll see you tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern for coverage of the second presidential debate. have a great evening. >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm tonight in "the war room," the polls are tight, the stakes are high, there are 22 days until the election and we'll tell you everything you need to know about tomorrow night's debate and more right here from new york city. probably a good thing i left my tiger's mug back home. hey! hey! >> today just 24 hours before
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round two of the presidential debates, and a new poll hit the campaign with a slash or thud and added more turbulence. the new usa today gallup poll shows mitt romney is making up ground in key swing states, and he owes a lot of that to his rising popularity among women. >> mitt romney now leads president obama with five points. tied 48 to 48. he is still ahead with men, though. so the movement among women has put this race on the bubble. and today, ann romney who is leading the effort to get women to vote republican was in the battleground state of pennsylvania. >> find an independent that voted for barack obama last time or a democrat that voted for
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barack obama last time. and say how have the last four years been? you want the same thing. go ahead. you want a change for a better prosperous future? vote for mitt romney. >> jennifer: paul ryan voted for the lilly ledbetter act. romney has always pledged to defund planned parenthood, would appoint supreme court justices who would overturn rowee v. wade. and the president has to call this out. republicans are arguing from freedom from regulation, unless of course you are a woman. don't worry your pretty little heads about it gals.
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even with all of this it is not the time folks to get respondent. the poll actually has a very small sample size. not that i want to complain about the polls like some other campaigns have so don't take it from me, "new york times" polling guru tweeted this . . . and by the way nate silver now puts the president's reelection chances at 66%, which is a 3 yesterday. and he is basing that on other new national polls. but it's still a very close race. president obama leads in two tracking polls.
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romney leads in one tracking poll. the candidates are tied in another, but there are other reasons to be hopeful, because voting has already started in 40 states. the president is up by large margin among those early voters. and one of those early voters is first lady michelle obama. she cast herbal lot today and called on supporters to do the same. >> i have to tell you, i am pretty fired up and ready to go myself especially because this morning i cast my vote early for barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> today i voted for my husband! [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! it felt so good. >> jennifer: the president himself announced this afternoon that he is actually going to follow his wife's lead and also vote early. he'll become the first president
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in history to do so. for now, though, the is holed up in virginia. he has been telling reporters that debate prep is going great. which is a very different assessment than the one he offered the last time around when he called prepping a drag. see, the president is going to come out tomorrow swinging. we hope anyway. now for a perspective on the polls, and to tell us what president obama needs to do michael thanks for coming back inside "the war room." >> sure thing. always a pleasure. >> you wrote a very interesting column on this subject. what was governor romney able to accomplish in the last debate that caused this unbelievable shift in the race? to do to shift it back. >> romney came prepared and really surprised obama. he really -- his discussion
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about being this new moderate romney, i think totally caught obama off guard, and he didn't know how to handle it and he was very slow on his feet and wasn't present. obama needs to win here i think, governor. he doesn't just need a draw. a draw would be okay. it would keep things status quo. but status quo is pretty frightening for obama partisans. he needs to shift the momentum decisively. and reverse the slide that has been happening since october 3rdrd. >> jennifer: let me ask you to stop right there. because i want to ask what he has to fight for. but do you being a little bit unrealistic, considering the fact that mitt romney has been really good at
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these townhall debates. do you think that you are setting up reasonable expectations for the president to be able to swamp him? >> i don't know if there they are unreasonable. but i think there is a lot of pressure on him. i really do. and i think he needs a win to switch the tide. a draw keeps the tide as it, and he might still win but he needs to come out fighting and show he is up there representing a set of beliefs and vision about the country, number 1. number 2, i think he really needs to tie romney's economic plans to what bush did, and, you know, bush came in. bush said i'm going to cut taxes and decrease regulations and the economy is going off, and he did that and the economy went like that.
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i think obama needs to say why should we go back to the thing that created the crisis. i think he needs to talk specifically to the women. that's a very frightening thing for obama. he needs to talk specifically to women. he needs to try to reintroduce the plutocrat theme. just last month, romney was a bumbling pluto crat. and he need an agenda. >> jennifer: okay. do you think hitting example on bain, is that going to be effective in turning romney back into the guy who
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fired american workers and outsourced american jobs. is that sort of the thrust of where the president should go? >> it all depends on how he says it, and the circumstances that it comes up under, but, yes, i think it has a lot of possible. romney has been talking about china on the stump, and i think that opening up the option for obama to talk about china. and then there is this 47%-er question. i do not believe that romney buried that question and put it behind him with this apology to sean hannity. i have never heard mitt romney sound more sincere in saying anything in his life than he sounded when he said that. i think obama really needs to
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press that. >> jennifer: i think that whole notion of what he says behind closes doors and then what he says to you, that disconnect has got to be brought forward. romney is like a trojan horse and he is bringing in these warriors who will be implementing that bush agenda. one of the things that you said in your column that i loved is that he has to remember who he is fighting for. so many times when people debate they often think it is about them, and when you recognize that you are there on behalf of the people or the cause you are fighting for it becomes more personal. the 47%, the people who are hurting, and if he channels that then he can be compassionate enough to push back. >> yes,so. i think joe biden did that very
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well. he was never up there just trying to win -- win a debate from the procter or whatever. he was trying to represent a constituency of many, many millions of voters who were voting for this ticket and counted on this ticket. and i think obama completely forgot that the first time. you don't get into weird technical discussions of the independent payment advisory board if you remember you are sup there trying to represent millions of people. >> jennifer: i agree. the issue of early voting apparently the state republican party of ohio is asking the u.s. supreme court if early voting hurts military voters. is this just a political exercise on the the officials there? >> i -- without having looked
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into this or reported it i would say that the officials in ohio probably thought, say, knowing this supreme court it's worth a shot. >> jennifer: i predict that the supreme court is not going to go into another situation that could lead to charges of bush v gore again. but who knows. thank you my friend. appreciate you coming into "the war room." >> martha raddatz she hit it out of the park jim lehrer said he will never do it. so what we can expect from candy? plus if you are tired of kicking around the same old bad republican guy? stick around, i'll introduce you to a new one. and later is the bush dynasty over, or just lying in wait. a article of 43
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>> jennifer: tomorrow's debate sure to be very different from the last one. but what we do know for sure it is will be a townhall format which means the audience members get to ask the questions. according to a memorandum of understanding between the
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campaigns, the moderator candy crowley is prohibited from asking follow-up questions, but she has said herself repeatedly that she does plan to do that. >> as was the case in the charlie gibson townhall meeting, and the tom brokaw townhall meeting, there was a time after that for follow-up and furthering the discussion. >> jennifer: you go girl. that's what i'm saying. both campaigns have raised concerns about those comments though. so what should they be concerned about going in tomorrow's debate? for more on that i'm joined by samuel popkin. professor popkin is joining us from the war room in san
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francisco. sorry we're not in the same time zone. >> it is a thrilled to be here and meet a very impressive staff. >> jennifer: i have a great team. >> you do. >> jennifer: do you think the campaigns are so concerned about follow-up questions in a townhall setting? >> all complains are threatened by spontaneity and impront tu. we can see why after the first debate when one of the candidates reinvented himself, and the other candidate didn't know what to do with it. >> jennifer: who do you think is going to do better in this townhall setting president obama or mitt romney? >> i expect president obama to stick it to governor romney on
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the secrets that are not there in his budget the promises all depend on hidden fine print that has not been exposed and i expect president obama to point that out, and i expect him to go hard on the most dangerous truth governor romney had in the first debate. in the first debate, one deceptive truth was as dangerous as the untruths. and that is i can work with democrats. you can't work with republicans. so there will be no more gridlock if people work with me. >> jennifer: so how do you do that in a townhall setting? >> i think you need to stick it to the governor that he promised to repeal obamacare on day one, and that's not exactly a conciliatory reach across the
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aisle -- >> jennifer: he did say that the first debate. let me just ask you. how does this issue is really important in a townhall format. how does president obama go after mitt romney, tear him down in a townhall setting without coming off too strong? >> right. you -- you can't be on the attack and act like you are in charge and command and confident. you have somehow need to do things like -- i recall treating mitt romney like the ants at the picnic. a minor diversion and already a number of republicans have backed away. bill clinton had bipart tanship his second term.
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ronald reagan has sinship the second time. >> jennifer: but in a townhall setting, i think this is a really tricky dance. i think people are expecting president obama to come out punch, punch punch. and it's a fine balance. >> i think questions work better than attacks. you know, how are you going to do that without doing this? there are questions you can ask. why haven't you trusted the american people with the details? are you still beating your wife? are you still hiding your tax plan? >> jennifer: according to the democracy core poll 53% of voters apparently care more about the candidate's plan for
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the future, and 36% base their vote on records. so should obama focus more on policy and what a second term would look like and feel for the american voters rather than attack mitt romney's character? >> it's not the legislated details, it's why we're going to get further in the second term than the last term. once the patient is out of bed, it starts moving faster? is it the second four years of a recovery are always better than the first four? he has to let people know the rocket has lifted off and it is picking up speed not that you have to start all over. if you are getting better slowly, you don't change doctors, but if you are not getting better or getting worse, you have to change
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doctors. >> jennifer: exactly. i started this conversation talking about candy crowley. how are those questions picked? how do they decide who gets to ask the question inside of a townhall? >> i don't quite know and i can assure you the campaigns would give anything in the world to quite know. i think obama is going to be ready to be flexible, but there's a real danger which is mitt romney has been out there huge, and kissy facie and getting friendly and the president has been in his bubble even though he has been practicing. i hope they bring in a few strangers to ask him questions. >> jennifer: i do too. samuel thank you so much for joining us in "the war room." after the break we'll take a
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dip in the healing waters of grassroots get out the vote campaign information. i feel rejuvenated (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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sn't fall far from the romney tree. when a romney supporter forced a bunch of coal miners to attend that photo opwith the governor? yesterday paul ryan had a photo opat a soup kitchen, and wouldn't you know it it was a forced job. the president said, quote . . . apparently they put on aprons, the ryans and pretends to wash some pots that weren't even dirty in the soup kitchen, just for the photo op. i'm just saying. to many of us mitt romney is a mystery in much the same way, so is brett ehrlich.
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shhhh, brett's talking now. >> usually when i watch meet the press, i don't. i'm sleeping. every saturday there is a led zeppelin start up band. but this week i forced myself to. >> jennifer: he is like a trojan horse, and inside the trojan horse are trickle-down generals and neo-cons. >> yes, and we don't know what he is like at the i have some time on my hand let me try to find out and peel back the layers of romney. inside moderate mitt is this guy. >> but i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> yes, conservative romney. and you can tell because his hair is super duper in place. there is so many mitts it's like
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a russian nesting doll. aha, so clever romney. another conservative romney who doesn't like women choosing things, and inside that romney -- >> i have been a hunter pretty much my whole life. >> a rugged romney. >> mitt romney is a car guy. >> a car and the guy, mitt romney. it's a transformed mitt. but what is he at his i have discovered it. he is a jolly rancher. the only thing that could fit in a space that small. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: all right. someone is always in our war
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